ISO9001:2015 Certification

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MegaResistors Corp. is one of the select power resistor manufacturing companies to have obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification.

ISO 9001:2015 recognizes companies that meet strict criteria for manufacturing standards and is considered the highest standard for quality assurance.

To achieve certification, companies must have a comprehensive quality management system that addresses all areas of its operation.

In 2012, ISO TC 176 – responsible for ISO 9001 development – celebrated 25 years of implementing ISO 9001, and concluded that it is necessary to create a new quality management system model for the next 25 years. This is why they commenced the official work on creating a revision of ISO 9001, starting with the new quality management principles. This moment was considered by important specialists in the field as “beginning of a new era in the development of quality management systems.” As a result of the intensive work from this technical committee, the revised standard ISO 9001:2015 was published by ISO on 23 September 2015. The scope of the standard has not changed; however, the structure and core terms were modified to allow the standard to integrate more easily with other international management systems standards.

The 2015 version is also less prescriptive than its predecessors and focuses on performance. This was achieved by combining the process approach with risk-based thinking, and employing the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle at all levels in the organization.

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