We also design, manufacture and/or distribute other standard and custom made resistors and related products. Please contact us if you require resistor elements, discharge resistors, neutral grounding cabinets, resistive load banks, or custom resistor mounting.

Resistive Elements

Wirewound resistive elements consists of an open helical stainless steel wire wrapped around a tubular porcelain core, allowing for fast and efficient cooling. In general wirewound resistive elements are ideal for low current conditions, offering excellent power dissipation, stable resistance, and shock-proofing.

Wirewound Element


Edgewound resistive elements are strip type elements, essentially a stainless steel tape wound on tubular porcelain insulators. A rod is placed inside these resistive elements to form the resistive assembly. They are used in general for medium-level currents, touting shock-proofing, and compactness.

Edgewound Element

Stamped Grid

Generally used for low resistance and high current, grid resistors are made with punched steel sheet with holes at in each end for mounting. Grids are then stacked on insulated steel rods. Mica washers are inserted between grids for insulation, and the rods are mounted between steel end frames. To obtain the best electrical connection, we weld grids together.

Discharge Resistors

Discharge Resistors are also referred to as Discharge Resistors or Bleed Down Resistors.

Discharge resistors are placed in parallel with high-voltage supplies to discharge an electric charge stored in a capacitor or battery. This is done whenever the equipment containing the capacitor or battery may need to be serviced or repaired.

A discharge resistor may be either switched across the capacitor or battery for rapid discharge without quiescent dissipation, or permanently connected for high reliability and low cost. In the latter case there is a tradeoff between the time to reach safe discharge and the quiescent power loss.

Discharge Resistor

Neutral Grounding Cabinets

Neutral Grounding Cabinets are also referred to as Neutral Terminal Cabinets or Neutral Grounding Cubicles.

Neutral Grounding Cabinets are used to ground large generators and can include Current and Voltage Transformers, a Disconnect Switch, a Neutral Formation Bar, Surge Arrestors and Capacitors in addition to the Neutral Grounding Resistor.

Neutral Grounding Cabinet

Resistive Load Banks

Load Bank

Custom Resistor Monitoring

Resistor Monitoring