ABB Braking Resistors

ABB is one of the largest manufacturers and providers of Low Voltage AC Drives in the world. With the exception of a few markets, ABB has primarily relied on outside suppliers for its braking resistors.

If you’re a distributor, integrator, or end user of ABB drives you will find this page useful for finding information on resistors, cross-references against competitor part numbers, and getting a quote for a braking resistor.

All of our resistors are fully manufactured in Canada and are cULus listed. Whether you’re looking for a specific part number, or a customized product designed for your application, we can help.

We always provide the best prices, lead times, and quality.

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The ACS150 is a micro drive which is typically used with motors that do not have extensive braking requirements. Each drive comes with an internal brake chopper to connect a braking resistor.

Selecting a braking resistor

If you already know your drive model number, and your braking power refer to the selection table below. Otherwise use our Braking Resistor Sizing Calculator first, and then come back to the selection table.

Braking resistor cables:

  • Use a shielded cable with the same conductor size as for drive input cabling
  • The maximum length of the resistor cable is 5m or 16ft

Installation location:

  • Make sure there are no flammable materials nearby
  • The resistor should be in a place protected from unintentional contact
  • Ensure there is adequate air flow, resistors are typically rated up to an environment of 40°C (104°F)

Protection against overheating:

  • All MegaResistors DBRs come with built in thermal protection, this should be wired to the drive properly
  • Ensure your drive is equipped with a main contactor, and wire the contactor so that it opens if the resistor thermal switch opens (due to resistor overheating)

Drive parameter set up:

  • The ACS150 has overvoltage control which must be disabled
  • Set parameter 2005 (OVERVOLT CTRL) to 0 (DISABLE)
Drive ModelDrive HPResistor PartResistance (Ohms)Average Power (Watts)Duty Cycle
ACS150-01U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-022001003s on / 27s off
ACS150-01U-04A7-21MR-CR-041001003s on / 27s off
ACS150-01U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-041001003s on / 27s off
ACS150-01U-07A5-22MR-CR-041001003s on / 27s off
ACS150-01U-09A8-23MR-CR-12501503s on / 27s off
ACS150-01U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-0220010010s on / 50s off
ACS150-01U-04A7-21MR-CR-0410010010s on / 50s off
ACS150-01U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-1110015010s on / 50s off
ACS150-01U-07A5-22MR-CR-1610020010s on / 50s off
ACS150-01U-09A8-23MR-CR-245030010s on / 50s off
ACS150-01U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-0220010030s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-04A7-21MR-CR-1110015030s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-1610020030s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-07A5-22MR-CR-2210030030s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-09A8-23MR-CR-325040030s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-0220010060s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-04A7-21MR-CR-1610020060s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-2210030060s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-07A5-22MR-CR-3010040060s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-19804303s on / 27s off
ACS150-01U-04A7-21MR-ABB-24505803s on / 27s off
ACS150-01U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-24505803s on / 27s off
ACS150-01U-07A5-22MR-ABB-31354003s on / 27s off
ACS150-01U-09A8-23MR-ABB-31354003s on / 27s off
ACS150-01U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-198043010s on / 50s off
ACS150-01U-04A7-21MR-ABB-245058010s on / 50s off
ACS150-01U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-245058010s on / 50s off
ACS150-01U-07A5-22MR-ABB-313540010s on / 50s off
ACS150-01U-09A8-23MR-ABB-313540010s on / 50s off
ACS150-01U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-198043030s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-04A7-21MR-ABB-245058030s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-245058030s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-07A5-22MR-ABB-313540030s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-09A8-23MR-ABB-324085030s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-198043060s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-04A7-21MR-ABB-245058060s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-245058060s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-07A5-22MR-ABB-324085060s on / 180s off
ACS150-01U-09A8-23MR-ABB-324085060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-022001003s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-03A5-20.75MR-CR-041001003s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-04A7-21MR-CR-041001003s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-041001003s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-07A5-22MR-CR-06501003s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-09A8-23MR-CR-12501503s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-19804303s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-03A5-20.75MR-ABB-19804303s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-04A7-21MR-ABB-24505803s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-24505803s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-07A5-22MR-ABB-31354003s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-09A8-23MR-ABB-31354003s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-0220010010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-03A5-20.75MR-CR-0410010010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-04A7-21MR-CR-0410010010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-1110015010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-07A5-22MR-CR-185020010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-09A8-23MR-CR-245030010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-198043010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-03A5-20.75MR-ABB-198043010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-04A7-21MR-ABB-245058010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-245058010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-07A5-22MR-ABB-313540010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-09A8-23MR-ABB-313540010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-0220010030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-03A5-20.75MR-CR-0410010030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-04A7-21MR-CR-1110015030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-1610020030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-07A5-22MR-CR-245030030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-09A8-23MR-CR-325040030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-198043030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-03A5-20.75MR-ABB-198043030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-04A7-21MR-ABB-245058030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-245058030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-07A5-22MR-ABB-313540030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-09A8-23MR-ABB-324085030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-0220010060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-03A5-20.75MR-CR-1110015060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-04A7-21MR-CR-1610020060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-2210030060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-07A5-22MR-CR-325040060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-198043060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-03A5-20.75MR-ABB-198043060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-04A7-21MR-ABB-245058060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-245058060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-07A5-22MR-ABB-324085060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-09A8-23MR-ABB-324085060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-01A2-40.5MR-CR-015001003s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-01A9-40.75MR-CR-015001003s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-41MR-CR-022001003s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-03A3-41.5MR-CR-022001003s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-04A1-42MR-CR-031501003s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-05A6-43MR-CR-111001503s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-08A8-45MR-CR-221003003s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-01A2-40.5MR-ABB-103608003s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-01A9-40.75MR-ABB-112505703s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-41MR-ABB-112505703s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-03A3-41.5MR-ABB-132004503s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-04A1-42MR-ABB-151503403s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-05A6-43MR-ABB-151503403s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-08A8-45MR-ABB-19804303s on / 27s off
ACS150-03U-01A2-40.5MR-CR-0150010010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-01A9-40.75MR-CR-0150010010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-41MR-CR-0220010010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-03A3-41.5MR-CR-0920015010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-04A1-42MR-CR-1515020010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-05A6-43MR-CR-2210030010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-08A8-45MR-CR-3010040010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-01A2-40.5MR-ABB-1036080010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-01A9-40.75MR-ABB-1125057010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-41MR-ABB-1125057010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-03A3-41.5MR-ABB-1320045010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-04A1-42MR-ABB-1515034010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-05A6-43MR-ABB-1515034010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-08A8-45MR-ABB-207587010s on / 50s off
ACS150-03U-01A2-40.5MR-CR-0150010030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-01A9-40.75MR-CR-0150010030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-41MR-CR-0920015030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-03A3-41.5MR-CR-1420020030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-04A1-42MR-CR-2115030030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-05A6-43MR-CR-3010040030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-01A2-40.5MR-ABB-1036080030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-01A9-40.75MR-ABB-1125057030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-41MR-ABB-1125057030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-03A3-41.5MR-ABB-1320045030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-04A1-42MR-ABB-1515034030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-05A6-43MR-ABB-1615080030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-08A8-45MR-ABB-207587030s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-01A2-40.5MR-CR-0150010060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-01A9-40.75MR-CR-0750015060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-41MR-CR-1420020060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-03A3-41.5MR-CR-2020030060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-04A1-42MR-CR-2915040060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-01A2-40.5MR-ABB-1036080060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-01A9-40.75MR-ABB-1125057060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-02A4-41MR-ABB-1125057060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-03A3-41.5MR-ABB-1320045060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-04A1-42MR-ABB-1615080060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-05A6-43MR-ABB-1615080060s on / 180s off
ACS150-03U-08A8-45MR-ABB-2180170060s on / 180s off
ACS250 family photo

The ACS255 is a micro drive which is typically used with motors that do not have extensive braking requirements. All frames except frame E1 come with an integrated braking chopper.

If you know your drive model number and your desired duty cycle, select a resistor from the ACS255 Braking Resistors Table.

If you have a more intensive duty, get in touch with us and we’ll help you size a resistor for your specific application.

ACS255-01U-05A8-11.5MR-CR-06501003s on / 27s off
ACS255-01U-05A8-11.5MR-ABB-24453003s on / 27s off
ACS255-01U-10A5-23MR-CR-12501503s on / 27s off
ACS255-01U-10A5-23MR-ABB-31353003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-07A0-22MR-CR-06501003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-10A5-23MR-CR-12501503s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-18A0-25MR-CR-26403003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-07A0-22MR-ABB-31353003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-10A5-23MR-ABB-31353003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-18A0-25MR-ABB-31353003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-04A1-42MR-CR-031501003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-05A8-43MR-CR-111001503s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-09A5-45MR-CR-221003003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-14A0-47.5MR-CR-32504003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-04A1-42MR-ABB-151503003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-05A8-43MR-ABB-151503003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-09A5-45MR-ABB-19753003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-14A0-47.5MR-ABB-25458003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-18A0-410MR-ABB-25458003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-02A1-61.5MR-CR-022001003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-03A1-62MR-CR-082551503s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-04A1-63MR-CR-221003003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-06A5-65MR-CR-221003003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-02A1-61.5MR-ABB-112553003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-03A1-62MR-ABB-112553003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-04A1-63MR-ABB-112553003s on / 27s off
ACS255-03U-06A5-65MR-ABB-132003003s on / 27s off
ACS255-01U-05A8-11.5MR-CR-245030030s on / 180s off
ACS255-01U-05A8-11.5MR-ABB-244530030s on / 180s off
ACS255-01U-10A5-23MR-CR-325040030s on / 180s off
ACS255-01U-10A5-23MR-ABB-323582030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-07A0-22MR-CR-245030030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-10A5-23MR-CR-325040030s on / 180s off
ACS255-01U-07A0-22MR-ABB-313530030s on / 180s off
ACS255-01U-10A5-23MR-ABB-323582030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-18A0-25MR-ABB-323582030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-04A1-42MR-CR-2115030030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-05A8-43MR-CR-3010040030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-04A1-42MR-ABB-1515030030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-05A8-43MR-ABB-1615060030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-09A5-45MR-ABB-207560030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-14A0-47.5MR-ABB-2645126030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-02A1-61.5MR-ABB-1125530030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-03A1-62MR-ABB-1125530030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-04A1-63MR-ABB-1225560030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-06A5-65MR-ABB-1420060030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-09A0-67.5MR-ABB48-0528080030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-12A0-610MR-ABB-626380030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-17A0-615ABB-411633590030s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-22A0-620MR-ABB-3335120030s on / 180s off
ACS255-01U-05A8-11.5MR-CR-185020010s on / 50s off
ACS255-01U-05A8-11.5MR-ABB-244530010s on / 50s off
ACS255-01U-10A5-23MR-CR-245030010s on / 50s off
ACS255-01U-10A5-23MR-ABB-313530010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-07A0-22MR-CR-185020010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-10A5-23MR-CR-245030010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-18A0-25MR-CR-344040010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-07A0-22MR-ABB-313530010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-10A5-23MR-ABB-313530010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-18A0-25MR-ABB-323582010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-04A1-42MR-CR-1515020010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-05A8-43MR-CR-2210030010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-09A5-45MR-CR-3010040010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-04A1-42MR-ABB-1515030010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-05A8-43MR-ABB-1515030010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-09A5-45MR-ABB-207560010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-14A0-47.5MR-ABB-254580010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-18A0-410MR-ABB-2645126010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-02A1-61.5MR-CR-1325520010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-03A1-62MR-CR-1925530010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-04A1-63MR-CR-3010040010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-02A1-61.5MR-ABB-1125530010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-03A1-62MR-ABB-1125530010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-04A1-63MR-ABB-1125530010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-06A5-65MR-ABB-1420060010s on / 50s off
ACS255-03U-02A1-61.5MR-ABB-1125530060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-03A1-62MR-ABB-1125530060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-04A1-63MR-ABB-1225560060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-06A5-65MR-ABB-18150120060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-09A0-67.5MR-ABB-6380105060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-12A0-610MR-ABB48-14063120060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-17A0-615MR-ABB-3435160060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-22A0-620ABB-4453440201060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-02A1-61.5MR-CR-2725540060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-03A1-62MR-CR-2725540060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-04A1-42MR-ABB-1615060060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-05A8-43MR-ABB-1615060060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-09A5-45MR-ABB-2175100060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-14A0-47.5MR-ABB-2745192060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-04A1-42MR-CR-2915040060s on / 180s off
ACS255-01U-07A0-22MR-ABB-323582060s on / 180s off
ACS255-01U-10A5-23MR-ABB-323582060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-18A0-25MR-ABB-323582060s on / 180s off
ACS255-03U-07A0-22MR-CR-325040060s on / 180s off
ACS255-01U-10A5-23MR-ABB-323582060s on / 180s off
ACS255-01U-05A8-11.5MR-ABB-244530060s on / 180s off
ACS255-01U-05A8-11.5MR-CR-325040060s on / 180s off

The ACS355 is a compact drive aimed at machine builders. All drives come with an integrated braking chopper to perform dynamic braking. This model replaces the ACS350, although the braking resistors required are identical.

If you know your drive model number and your desired duty cycle, select a resistor from the ACS355 Braking Resistors Table.

If you have a more intensive duty, get in touch with us and we’ll help you size a resistor for your specific application.

ACS355-01U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-19804303s on / 27s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-04A7-21MR-ABB-24505803s on / 27s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-24505803s on / 27s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-07A5-22MR-ABB-31354003s on / 27s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-09A8-23MR-ABB-31354003s on / 27s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-022001003s on / 27s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-04A7-21MR-CR-041001003s on / 27s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-041001003s on / 27s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-07A5-22MR-CR-041001003s on / 27s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-09A8-23MR-CR-12501503s on / 27s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-03U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-19804303s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-03A5-20.75MR-ABB-19804303s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-04A7-21MR-ABB-24505803s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-24505803s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-07A5-22MR-ABB-31354003s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-09A8-23MR-ABB-31354003s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-17A6-25MR-ABB-31354003s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-24A4-27.5MR-ABB-39286003s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-31A0-210MR-ABB-4616.58603s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-46A2-215MR-ABB-56108503s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-022001003s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-03A5-20.75MR-CR-041001003s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-04A7-21MR-CR-041001003s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-041001003s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-07A5-22MR-CR-06501003s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-09A8-23MR-CR-12501503s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-17A6-25MR-CR-26403003s on / 27s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-01A2-40.5MR-CR-015001003s on / 27s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-01A9-40.75MR-CR-015001003s on / 27s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-02A4-41MR-CR-022001003s on / 27s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-03A3-41.5MR-CR-022001003s on / 27s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-04A1-42MR-CR-031501003s on / 27s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-05A6-43MR-CR-111001503s on / 27s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-08A8-45MR-CR-221003003s on / 27s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-12A5-48MR-CR-32504003s on / 27s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-01U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-198043010s on / 50s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-0220010010s on / 50s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-04A7-21MR-ABB-245058010s on / 50s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-04A7-21MR-CR-0410010010s on / 50s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-245058010s on / 50s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-1110015010s on / 50s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-07A5-22MR-ABB-313540010s on / 50s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-07A5-22MR-CR-1610020010s on / 50s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-09A8-23MR-ABB-313540010s on / 50s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-09A8-23MR-CR-245030010s on / 50s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-03U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-198043010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-0220010010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-03A5-20.75MR-ABB-198043010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-03A5-20.75MR-CR-0410010010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-04A7-21MR-ABB-245058010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-04A7-21MR-CR-0410010010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-245058010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-1110015010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-07A5-22MR-ABB-313540010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-07A5-22MR-CR-185020010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-09A8-23MR-ABB-313540010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-09A8-23MR-CR-245030010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-17A6-25MR-ABB-324085010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-17A6-25MR-CR-344040010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-24A4-27.5MR-ABB-402184010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-31A0-210MR-ABB-4715127010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-46A2-215MR-ABB-5711134010s on / 50s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-01A2-40.5MR-CR-0150010010s on / 50s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-01A9-40.75MR-CR-0150010010s on / 50s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-02A4-41MR-CR-0220010010s on / 50s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-03A3-41.5MR-CR-0920015010s on / 50s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-04A1-42MR-CR-1515020010s on / 50s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-05A6-43MR-CR-2210030010s on / 50s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-08A8-45MR-CR-3010040010s on / 50s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-01U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-198043030s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-0220010030s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-04A7-21MR-ABB-245058030s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-04A7-21MR-CR-1110015030s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-245058030s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-1610020030s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-07A5-22MR-ABB-313540030s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-07A5-22MR-CR-2210030030s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-09A8-23MR-ABB-324085030s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-09A8-23MR-CR-325040030s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-03U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-198043030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-0220010030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-03A5-20.75MR-ABB-198043030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-03A5-20.75MR-CR-0410010030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-04A7-21MR-ABB-245058030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-04A7-21MR-CR-1110015030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-245058030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-1610020030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-07A5-22MR-ABB-313540030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-07A5-22MR-CR-245030030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-09A8-23MR-ABB-324085030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-09A8-23MR-CR-325040030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-17A6-25MR-ABB-324085030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-24A4-27.5MR-ABB-4122115030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-31A0-210MR-ABB-4815180030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-46A2-215MR-ABB-5811.3180030s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-01A2-40.5MR-CR-0150010030s on / 180s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-01A9-40.75MR-CR-0150010030s on / 180s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-02A4-41MR-CR-0920015030s on / 180s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-03A3-41.5MR-CR-1420020030s on / 180s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-04A1-42MR-CR-2115030030s on / 180s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-05A6-43MR-CR-3010040030s on / 180s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-01U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-198043060s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-0220010060s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-04A7-21MR-ABB-245058060s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-04A7-21MR-CR-1610020060s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-245058060s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-2210030060s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-07A5-22MR-ABB-324085060s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-07A5-22MR-CR-3010040060s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-01U-09A8-23MR-ABB-324085060s on / 180s off200-240VSingle Phase
ACS355-03U-02A4-20.5MR-ABB-198043060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-02A4-20.5MR-CR-0220010060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-03A5-20.75MR-ABB-198043060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-03A5-20.75MR-CR-1110015060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-04A7-21MR-ABB-245058060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-04A7-21MR-CR-1610020060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-06A7-21.5MR-ABB-245058060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-06A7-21.5MR-CR-2210030060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-07A5-22MR-ABB-324085060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-07A5-22MR-CR-325040060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-09A8-23MR-ABB-324085060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-17A6-25MR-ABB-3340120060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-24A4-27.5MR-ABB-4222.5156060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-31A0-210MR-ABB-4915240060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-46A2-215MR-ABB-5910.4360060s on / 180s off200-240VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-01A2-40.5MR-CR-0150010060s on / 180s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-01A9-40.75MR-CR-0750015060s on / 180s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-02A4-41MR-CR-1420020060s on / 180s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-03A3-41.5MR-CR-2020030060s on / 180s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS355-03U-04A1-42MR-CR-2915040060s on / 180s off380-480VThree Phase
ACS380 / ACS480

The ACS380 is a compact drive aimed at machine builders, while the ACS480 is a general purpose drive. Both come with an integrated braking chopper to perform dynamic braking. The resistors required for them are identical.

If you know your drive model number use the ACS380 / ACS480 Braking Resistor Specifications Table, and provide the values to request a quote. The only additional information we need from you is your required duty cycle, or we’ll assume it’s 50%. This allows us to size a resistor perfectly fit for your application.

Drive Model NumberFrameContinuous Braking Power (kW)Max Braking Power (kW)Min Resistance (Ohms)Max Resistance (Ohms)

The ACS550 is a general purpose drive with a wide power range. Frames R1 and R2 come with an integrated brake chopper, and have out-of-the-box support for braking resistors. Frames R3 to R6 require an external brake chopper.

If you have a more intensive duty, get in touch with us and we’ll help you size a resistor for your specific application.

Our ACS550 cross-reference list is under construction will be published shortly.


The ACS580 is a general purpose drive that comes in different form factors.

  • The ACS580-01 is wall-mounted and can support to 250 kW
  • The ACS580-04 provide compact drive module options
  • The ACS580-07 is cabinet built and can support between 250 and 500 kW

For the ACS580-01: Frames R0 to R3 have a built-in brake chopper, and support external resistors out of the box. Frames R4 to R9 require external brake choppers, some of which come with built-in resistors. Any brake choppers starting with “NBRA-” require external resistors.

If you know your drive model number use the ACS580 Braking Resistor Specifications Table, and provide the values to request a quote. You will find a column that provides the maximum braking power, we recommend using this as your peak braking power, and providing us your duty cycle. If the maximum braking power is above 15 kW, we recommend you use our Braking Resistor Sizing Calculator to calculate your required power.

Drive ModelFrameBraking ChopperMin Resistance (Ohms)Min Resistance (Ohms)Max Braking Power (Watts)
ACS580-01-0246-4R0 to R3Built-in52864600
ACS580-01-03A3-4R0 to R3Built-in52582900
ACS580-01-04A0-4R0 to R3Built-in523921400
ACS580-01-05A6-4R0 to R3Built-in522792000
ACS580-01-07A2-4R0 to R3Built-in521912900
ACS580-01-09A4-4R0 to R3Built-in521403900
ACS580-01-12A6-4R0 to R3Built-in521045300
ACS580-01-017A-4R0 to R3Built-in31757300
ACS580-01-025A-4R0 to R3Built-in225210000
ACS580-01-032A-4R0 to R3Built-in163715000
ACS580-01-038A-4R0 to R3Built-in102720000
ACS580-01-045A-4R0 to R3Built-in102225000
ACS580-01-062A-4R4 to R9ACS-BRK-D7.818.130000
ACS580-01-073A-4R4 to R9ACS-BRK-D7.813.142000
ACS580-01-088A-4R4 to R9ACS-BRK-D7.810.751000
ACS580-01-106A-4R4 to R9NBRA-6581.38.763000
ACS580-01-145A-4R4 to R9NBRA-6581.37.177000
ACS580-01-169A-4R4 to R9NBRA-6581.35.2105000
ACS580-01-206A-4R4 to R9NBRA-6581.34.3126000
ACS580-01-246A-4R4 to R9NBRA-6581.33.5156000
ACS580-01-293A-4R4 to R9NBRA-6581.32.9187000
ACS580-01-363A-4R4 to R9NBRA-6590.72.4227000
ACS580-01-430A-4R4 to R9NBRA-6590.71.9284000

Section currently under construction, our ACS880 cross-reference will be published shortly.


This section is currently under construction, our cross-reference will be published shortly. In the mean time, if you have a part number or an application, we’ll be able to help you.

MotiFlex e180

The MotiFlex e180 is a motion control drive which comes with a braking chopper is standard on all frame sizes.

This section is currently under construction, our cross-reference will be published shortly. In the mean time, if you have a part number or an application, we’ll be able to help you.

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