Achilles Power & Tech Global Registration

MegaResistors Corp. has gained registration to Achilles Power & Tech Global, allowing it enhanced access to major organisations in the construction, oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and utilities sectors.

Achilles Power & Tech Global

Achilles Power & Tech Global represents a transparent and fair means of selecting suppliers for tender opportunities, whilst making sure that utilities comply with procurement legislation. The primary benefits to the participating organisations are effective management of their supply chains and reduced risk, together with improved data quality and consistency.

What Does Achilles Power & Tech Global Registration mean for our customers?

In gaining registration as a verified supplier with Achilles Power & Tech Global, MegaResistors Corp. has demonstrated compliance to health, safety, environment and quality requirements. This in addition to our registration under ISO 9001 further demonstrates why MegaResistors is your best choice for power resistors.Achilles Certificate